Vending Machines

Frio 1.0

Cold Beverage Machine

An IoT enabled cold beverage solution to serve a variety of refreshingly chilled beverages to your customers or employees.

Wide Range from Cold Coffee & Chocolate to Iced Tea

Beat the heat with an Iced Chocolate, or simply refresh yourself with a Café Frappe, Iced Tea or Frappe Mocha. Spoil your customers for choice with a wide variety of chilled and refreshing beverages from this cold beverage vending machine.

No Wastage Coffee Machine

Frio is an on-demand cold beverage dispenser – with no prior manual preparation required, beverages are prepared instantly leading to no wastage.

IoT Enabled with Cashless Dispensation

Want to increase employee satisfaction but manage budgets too? Frio is an advanced IoT enabled solution that offers cashless dispensation. Employees can now indulge in cold beverages and pay for it digitally – no cash or downloads required.

Taste and Variety

Offer a wide variety of chilled and refreshing beverages that will delight your customers – from Cold Coffee and Chocolate to Iced Tea! Frio also enables you to expand your cold beverage menu by customizing beverages, making it possible for your customers to relish a variety of refreshing drinks.
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IoT enabled with Cashless Dispensation

Satisfying your employees & customers is now easy with Frio. Offer them a delightful range of cold beverages that they can pay for digitally – there’s no need for cash transactions or downloads.

No Pre-preparation, No Wastage

An on-demand cold beverage dispenser, Frio does not require any pre-preparation which ensures that there is no wastage.

Pitcher Mode for Peak Dispensation

This cold coffee and iced tea vending machine comes equipped with a pitcher mode feature. It enables you to service your customers with consistently chilled beverages even during peak hours.

Machine Dimensions (WXDXH)

335mm x 655mm x 655mm


3 canisters (1kg capacity)

User Interface

Proximity Panel (9 inch) (Contactless interface available)

Digital Payment Enabled


Menu Options


No. of Selections


No. of cups per day


Peak Dispensing

12+ cups continuously

Dispensing Speed

2 cups per minute (200ml)

Drip Tray Capacity


Power Supply

230 V AC/50 Hz-1000 W