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Company history

Revolutionizing Beverage Service: The Shreeji Marketing Legacy

Shreeji Marketing pioneered the Nescafe vending machine market in Bangalore, marking a historic milestone. When Mr. Umeshchandra D. Shah founded the company in 1996, he embarked on a door-to-door mission to introduce and educate businesses about the new trend of drinking coffee & tea through vending machines. He believed in the potential of this technology to transform beverage service in Bangalore, which was rapidly emerging as India’s IT hub. Despite initial challenges, his unwavering dedication made Shreeji Marketing synonymous with reliable vending solutions. 

Mr. Umesh’s customer-centric approach, combined with a strategic vision, ensured that Shreeji Marketing became a trusted provider. This rich legacy continues today, as the company remains committed to delivering innovative products and unmatched service, positioning itself at the forefront of the industry. 

Mr. Umeshchandra D. Shah



To be the foremost provider of beverage vending solutions, empowering businesses with reliable and high-quality machines and consumables. 


  • Deliver exceptional products and services to elevate beverage experiences. 
  • Foster strong relationships with our clients, ensuring seamless installation and support. 
  • Innovate consistently to adapt to changing market demands 

Key Highlights

Milestones and Achievements of Shreeji Marketing

Product Range

We offer various Beverage Vending machine ranges Nescafe Fusion, Nescafe Premio, Amigo, Nescafe Solution, Spectra and Frio 2.0 machines, alongside complimenting consumables like tea bags, chocolates, soups, sugar, disposable cups and more.


With over two decades of experience, our knowledgeable team ensures seamless installation and maintenance for all our products.


We provide installation, maintenance, and consulting services to help you select the best vending solutions for your needs.

Customer-Centric Approach

Our personalized attention and prompt support prioritize customer satisfaction at every step.