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Amigo 2.0

Bean-to-cup Machine for Commercial Channels

Compact and efficient, offering 13 beverage selections with one-touch dispensation and options for both fresh and powdered milk. Perfect for smaller spaces. 

Provides 13 beverage options. 

Key features include one-touch dispensation, options for fresh or powdered milk, and compact design for easy placement. 

Taste: Freshly brewed coffee

NESCAFÉ® Intenso is an intense blend of Arabica and Robusta coffee to delight your customers with a well-balanced taste and an irresistible aroma with every sip. It has chocolate & fruity notes, with a hint of spice, and the coffee beans are split roasted to enhance the flavour.

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Variety: 13+ beverage options

Impress coffee enthusiasts with a wide range of café-style beverages, from Cappuccino to Kaapi! Amigo offers 13+ unique beverage options ranging from coffee to tea and chocolate for your office so that your employees and customers enjoy a refreshing experience.

Safety & Hygiene

Hygiene being of utmost importance, this coffee machine ensures that each cup is not just great in taste, but also safe and hygienic. Contactless dispensation, milk cooling unit with controlled temperature below 8°C for milk safety, semi-auto cleaning & sterilization technology, auto-lock mechanism and in-built digital cleaning logs ensure a safe and hygienic brew every time. Amigo is also CE Certified to ensure electrical safety.

Service & Maintenance

Amigo is a perfect fit to serve your employees and customers without any fuss. Extensive supply and service coverage, regular preventive maintenance and hygiene audits, breakdown maintenance within 4 hours*, and on-site operator training ensure a hassle-free experience.

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Machine Dimensions (WXDXH)

365 mm x 610 mm x 760 mm 

Refrigerator Dimensions (WXDXH)

260mm x 430mm x 475mm


1 bean hopper (1.5kg capacity) 4 canisters (750g capacity)

User Interface

Proximity Panel

(Contactless interface available)

Digital Payment Enabled


Menu Options


No. of Selections

16 (13 beverages + hot water + steam + rinse)

No. of cups per day


Dispensing Speed

2-3 cups per minute of Cappuccino (150ml)

Drip Tray Capacity


Power Supply

230 V AC/50Hz/3000W