Vending Machines

Spectra Double option

An economically efficient premix-based solution to cater to your employees’ & customers’ beverage preferences.

Spectra Double Option is a one-step solution to satisfy your employees’ & customers’ tea and coffee cravings in a cost-effective way through its one-touch operation. Let them choose from a range of 3-in-1 beverage options that will surely make their day.

  1. Delight your employees & customers with a range of beverages that strike the perfect balance between strength and aroma.
  2. Each of our products are made from carefully selected raw materials so that you get the best in every cup.
  3. Spectra Double Option offers operational efficiency, fast dispensation, and the right consistency in every serving.
  4. This tea and coffee vending machine comes with a global CE Certification to ensure electrical safety.

Quality and Consistency

Our products are crafted from a fine quality of raw materials, such as green coffee beans and liquid milk, after undergoing stringent quality checks. This ensures that every cup offers the consistency and flavour to delight your customers & employees.

Taste and Variety

With a range of beverages like premixed coffee, tea, and hot chocolate on offer, you can select the offerings your employees & customers prefer.

Ease of Operations

Simple and seamless in operation, this beverage vending machine can be used by your employees & customers or operator without any hassle. What’s more, it is easy to load and clean and requires minimal maintenance.

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Economically Efficient

This coffee machine offers everything and more – from a fast dispensation system and a sleek and ergonomic design for easy maintenance to economical tea and coffee premix offerings.

Machine Dimensions (WXDXH)

255mm x 460mm x 595 mm


2 canisters (1kg capacity)

User Interface

Push Buttons (Contactless interface available)

Digital Payment Enabled


Menu Options


No. of Selections

6 (2 beverages + hot water + rinse)

No. of cups per day


Dispensing Speed

5 cups per minute (100ml)

Drip Tray Capacity


Power Supply

230 V AC/50 Hz – 1750 W